RIFF Argentina – Season opening

Did you know that Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world? It’s also the second largest in Latin America! Imagine how diverse this country is! Or, better than that… don’t imagine, come to discover it yourself! As usual, we will embark on a trip using all our senses… you will taste Argentinian food, hear some nice music music, see the amazing tango dancers and get to know a lot about the country in our quiz and through the film.
RIFF, in cooperation with Surfactory and Dancefactory promises a great evening full of discovery in Rotondes.Tickets are rapidly selling out, get yours in time here: http://rotondes.lu/agenda/details/event/riff-argentina/
Rotondes, 1.2.2017. at 18:30

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Le 13th janvier 2017

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