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On the 15th of March of 2011, Syria became known as the ‘cradle of revolution’ after the civil uprising that triggered several events leading to the humanitarian crisis that Syrian is confronted in the present. Even though, as citizens and humans, we should be conscious and social responsible towards Syria’s current situation, we also need to acknowledge that Syria is much more than a stage of armed conflict.

Syria, “the place of sunrise”, is also the home of one of the cradles of civilization. It is where the first literary salon was created, in the pre-Islamic period, much earlier than when it became popular in the 18th century in France. It is a place full of geographical, historical, artistic and cultural diversity.
On the 15th of March, we invite you to participate and celebrate the Syrian heritage through a travel of senses. We will have artists who will perform for you; a quiz and a movie to let you know more about the rich Syrian culture; and a delicious meal to delight you.
RIFF, in cooperation with Syrian Youth in Luxembourg promises a great evening full of exchange and discovery in Rotondes. Tickets are rapidly selling out. Don’t forget to get yours.

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Le 15th février 2017

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