On the 8th of August, during the E-lake festival, the oldest town in Luxembourg greeted Dendemann, a rapper straight from the Bronx of Germany who typifies so well the autobiographic hip-hop of the German subculture. By jove, I’ll commit to Christianity if this product of Yo Mama! doesn’t spur enthusiasm among us. Farewell Die Fanstatischen Vier, introducing Dendemann.

“Dendemann,” where does it come from?

Actually it’s just an old nickname… early 90’s style.

What do you like to write about?

Almost anything, but I’m definitely better with the comedy stuff… can’t do drama, it just never felt that entertaining to me… but I’m working on it… I guess. My favorite topics are the “why would you write three verses about….?” ones.

It’s your first time in Luxembourg, isn’t it? Do you have lots of fans here?

I have absolutely no idea… surprise me.

Your solo career started in 2003 but your first album came out three years later! Kind of a test of time?

More like a test of self… I’ve never been a studio-nerd, computers freak me out after a couple of hours and I like to write when I feel I have something worth writing about… I love touring and performing new stuff, so that’s where most of the creative energy comes from.

In “8 Mile,” Eminem shows his fans the way to success: write lyrics on your hand. But you chose to buy a notebook, you’re such an heretic!

Am I supposed to say something? I have no idea what you are talking about… Eminem? Somebody help me out here…

“Die Pfütze des Eisbergs”… Are you concerned about global Earth warming?

Yes, a little… but the album title was “just” a typo… stupid graphic department.

You parodied R&B singer D’Angelo when you shot “3 ½ minuten”. You always wanted perfect abs, admit it!

Who said I don’t have any?

There’s a live album coming out and a second album on its way, tell us more about them.

The live album is a collection of live and studio material from the time after the album was released, which was almost two years ago… I played about 120 shows during that time and the live recordings on “Abersowasvonlive” are taken from maybe the best show of the last tour in Stuttgart, dec 2007. It also features a collection of all the b-sides and download-exclusives and the title track “Abersowasvon”.

The new studio album is just a vision right now… a little clouded as well… all I can say is “eclectic boogie” or “being al yankovic” one of these titles is going to fit the music on it.