The International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyères is probably the most significant worldwide fashion design competition for young designers. Previous winners include Viktor & Rolf, Gaspard Yurkievich, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Christian Wijnants, Sandra Backlund, Jean-Paul Lespagnard and Léa Peckre. This 29th edition, was headed by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the creative mind behind Opening Ceremony and Kenzo’s creative directors.  The jury also includes Jay Massacret, Editor in chief of V Man, Chloë Sevigny, American actress, Carol Song, Head buyer at Opening Ceremony and Eric Wilson, Fashion director at InStyle USA.

From an original selection of 312 applicants, here are the 10 finalists for the fashion award.


Photograph : The Stimuleye

Stylist :

             1. Louis-Gabriel Nouchi (France)

             2. Kenta Matsushige (Japan)

             3. Liselore Frowijn (Netherlands)

             4. Agnese Narnichka (Latvia)

             5. Marit Ilison (Estonia)

             6. Roshi Porkar (Austria)

             7. Pablo Henrard (Belgium)